Showcase research

Bozboz and Soup

Web showcases are all about highlighting and reinforcing the brand identity of the agency involved. The overall style can change dramatically depending on the image the agency want to communicate ranging from youthful and quirky like the local agency “Bozboz”

to elegant and minimalist like the site for the soup agancy. Both sites make use of both horizontal and vertical navigation, soup has its main nav at the side, probably because of the vertical scrolling, while BozBoz prefer a horizontal main nav with a sidebar for secondary navigation that changes depending on the content being shown.

What they share is the upfront positioning of logo and brand elements such as logos and brand names and a technical flare that highlights the skills of the designers involved. In the two examples above the BOZ boz site has its logo in a pretty conventional place at the top left but then features a massive full motion video window below, flying through a matrix of DNA like segments to reveal the companies specialities in branding, web design and motion graphics, the soup site has its agency name in a massive font making a very bold statement of identity, starts with a nifty animation before flying through its one page vertically scrolling setup. The use of slab/sans serif fonts in both sites gives them a sleek modern look although the Soup site tries to mix this with retro elements in its palette choice, two tone, textured backgrounds and icon graphics.

Both pages make efforts to highlight their portfolio of work, Bozboz has a gallery of “featured” clients above the fold on their home page while Soup have a trendy animated accordion setup where project briefs pop up from a menu made of circular holes in the page.

Contact detail are obviously very importanat and Bozboz includes its phone number, email and social links right at the top of the page in the headerThe contact page for both sites features both a map and description of the location as well as email links, phone number and address information, the Bozboz site has in addition a form for enquiries. All elements are rendered in a style consistent with the home page and flashy header graphics are prominent, the soup site makes the map itself a design element by styling it in a sleek dark grey.









Both sites make attempts to make the whole user experience as attractive as possible, and small design flares are everywhere from the pop out tooltips on sidebar menu hover to slide in animated overlays when mouseovering the portfolio thumbnails.

Soup have a slightly less conventional setup with circular masked thumbs that transition in vertically on mouseover, clicking a link triggers a sort of accordion effect where the whole gallery slides down to reveal the content below.

Both sites are great examples of modern site design, highlighting content and usability while showcasing the design talent and technical proficiency of the authors.


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