Clocktower logo designs

As an introduction to illustrator and to hopefully help out when I finally sort out the layouts for my Clocktower revamp I’ve been trying to put some basic logos together in Illustrator. Here’s the results so far.

I started off with a sort of shutter design it’s pretty basic but so are my illustrator skills. Took me a while to work out how to get the offset look for the swirls. The centre shape originally was an octagon. After that I thought I’d try the same thing but with straight lines to make it a bit more abstracted. And got this.

Which simple as it is actually took me ages to work out, eep. I wanted to be able to use these objects as clipping masks and I had a hard time working out how to subtract the white areas from the circle to leave them transparent instead of, well, white. Eventually manage to work out what “expand” does and merged with the pathfinder tool before setting the fill to transparent. Live and learn. So after that I noticed that our shutter looks a bit like a clock face so I thought I’d make an abstracted sort of clock face design out of it and as Clocktower cameras deal in vintage equipment go for a sort of retro banner feel.

The banner was made from a rectangle reproduced a few times and offset for the end pieces, with points added via the pen tool and sunk in. The shading was done with a line, stroked with a custom brush made of black triangles. Found some nice retro fonts to go with. Worked out that illustrator is easier to use when you have guides to center things 🙂 Underneath is another variation on the above which I kind of prefer as the banner sort of fits the circular icon better.


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